Our Shipping Policy


We ship the babies depending on the airport and city you are located. The baby will be picked up at your closest airport or if you will like him/her to be delivered right at your home, That will be done though will cost you an extra $70 but that will be very helpful because your baby will not stay lonely up to an hour at the airport after he/she arrived. We take every precaution and only ship with regulated airlines and try to ship them on direct flights if possible. All puppies leave with food and water for the flight and they do very fine. It’s just like you traveling with your own baby so you have no worries about the safety.

The Air Cargo has space specially designated just for pets. Therefore, it is safe and comfortable (air-conditioned) for your new puppy. We always work with Air Cargo and we have never experienced any accidents. All puppies are always delivered promptly and with all health documents.

When all payments are finalized, the flight will be booked. After booking the flight, an agent from the Cargo will contact you via telephone or email to confirm the flight. The agent will also inform you of the time and date of the arrival of your puppy. But before then, we must have emailed you with all tracking and delivery details for you to know the take off and arrival time.

The final step is to simply pick up your puppy from the closest assigned airport or just sit and wait for it to be delivered at your home if you ordered for the home delivery.